Never waste a good presentation

Presentations are increasingly important in vendor selection: Request for Dialogue comes before Request for Proposal. This request for Dialogue phase is introduced to meet various parties; make a longlist and progress to a fine selection (shortlist). Giarte embraces this trend, but how to evaluate and rate a set of presentations with a group of stakeholders?

How to rate presentations?

Giarte has designed eleven statements to quickly rate presentations in a transparent and practical manner. Each stakeholder (also known as evaluator) gives an individual grade (1 to 10) on the following statements, from a 1 (completely disagree) to 10 (completely agree):

  1. They understood our situation and challenges.
  2. We gained new and relevant insights.
  3. Their commercial lead was facilitating and not too dominant.
  4. The experts of the offering party were able to discuss freely.
  5. The presenters spoke authentic, enthusiastic and with full conviction.
  6. The story is substantiated with illustrative and relevant examples.
  7. Talks at the coffee machine confirmed what was told in the presentation.
  8. They discussed important and essential details, tailored on our situation.
  9. Most of the questions were answered in the presentation and subsequent discussion.
  10. The atmosphere was good, everyone laughed (at least once).

Who to involve?

Randomness and noise should be avoided as much as possible. A diverse group, of at least 5 to 10 participants from various organizational divisions, are the evaluators. Involve people from different blood groups from for instance the business, HR, procurement and IT. Sufficient diversity and mass is a must.

How to analyze the results?

Significant deviations (three or more points) must be discussed per statement in the group. This allows individual evaluators to adjust their grade. A slight deviation (two or less) will not be discussed in the group: all persons are (almost) on the same page so the original grade remains.

How to reach a conclusion?

The average score per statement is calculated and summed to get an overall score per presentation. It is essential to equally appraise all evaluators. The final scores (between 10 and 100) decide which service providers made it to the following round. Giarte advises to communicate the results as soon as possible but at least within 24 hours. A quick but comprehensive Request for Dialogue gives a kickstart to a better partner selection. Enjoy!

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