XLA® Story

People will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did, 
but people will never forget how
you made them feel.


Maya Angelou
1928 – 2014

Our purpose is to enable meaningful, human centric innovation. We guide out-of-the-box thinking and doing.

Users and employees need to be happy and productive; the business always-on and agile.

XLA® is a mindset and methodology to (re)design human centric IT services and processes. 

Method cards

We developed 37 Method Cards to align and apply XLA® within existing organizations. We are currently in stealth mode: a temporary state of secretiveness. On this website you can find five of the most appealing cards, including guides that you can implement right away. 


XLA® trailer

Technology reinvents businesses. It enables human centric innovation.

Enterprise IT armed itself to the teeth with procedures, KPIs, and frameworks. Business flies under the radar, users get alienated and go rogue. 

XLA® makes intangibles like trust and experience real and measurable with:
– Learning Curves.
– Landing Zones.
– Emotional Design. 

About Giarte

We believe tech and touch are yin and yang: complementary forces, not opposing

Giarte is a research and consultancy company in the field of IT services and IT outsourcing. For more than 15 years, Giarte has been recording experiential knowledge and experiences about IT services in business environments. Giarte provides unique services: Amaze™, XLA® and Outsourcing Performance. 

We believe in the power of IT as an enabler of innovation and growth. IT is in the capillaries of every organization. IT determines the performance of all employees in the organization and good IT ensures progress and continuous service improvement for both outsourcers and service providers.

We lead in defining, measuring and improving intangibles like experience and trust.

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Presentations are increasingly important in vendor selection: Request for Dialogue comes before Request for Proposal. This request for Dialogue phase is introduced to meet various parties; make a longlist and progress to a fine selection (shortlist). Giarte embraces this trend, but how to evaluate and rate a set of presentations with a group of stakeholders?...
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